8 Retirement Planning Do's and Don'ts

By Andrew Maisch -
February 7, 2024

Are you recently retired, or do you hope to retire in the next several years?


Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn retirement planning lessons from the millions of people before you?


What were their biggest financial planning regrets?

What were their best financial decisions?

And what would they do differently if they had a second chance?


Below are some of the biggest retirement planning do's and don'ts that we believe could benefit anyone on the doorstep of retirement…


✓    Don’t pay unnecessary taxes.

✓    Don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all strategy to file for your Social Security benefits.

✓    Don’t underestimate the cost of healthcare in retirement.

✓    Don’t forget about required minimum distributions (RMDs).

✓    Do create a plan to replace your paycheck in retirement.

✓    Do have a written retirement income game plan.

✓    Do create a strategy to help hedge against inflation.


These Do's and Don’ts could mean the difference between success and failure in retirement.

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